The new class of calculator is here.

NOVACALC is a new type of calculator designed to help you become a math expert, all from your phone.

What is it?

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Available on Android phones.
  • Slide 1 NovaCalc Home screen
  • Slide 2 NovaCalc Trig and Calc Screen
  • Slide 3 NovaCalc Equations Screen
Easy to Learn

Tools in NOVACALC are designed to allow easy and quick access to what you need. No more getting lost in menus.


Geometry, Trig, classical physics, and unit conversions are included in NOVACALC from the start!

Dynamic Interface

Answers calculated by NOVACALC are done as you type in numbers. This allows for the quickest answer possible, which makes you look even better.

There's no need to be complicated.

Make math easier today with NOVACALC.
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